Appendix b. If You Need Help

Table of Contents

Mailing Lists
Community Chat
Other avenues of support

If you experience an issue that you cannot solve by reading the Adélie Linux documentation, there are a variety of avenues available to you to ask the community for help.

The Adélie Linux mailing lists are a great way to obtain answers to any number of issues. Helpful members of the community, along with most of the Adélie Linux development team, are always monitoring the mailing lists and are ready to help you with your issue. There are three main mailing lists that would be of interest for installation issues:

The Adélie Linux community has a dedicated online chat system for asking quick questions about using the Adélie Linux system. We welcome all of our users to our chat, and we look forward to seeing you! Please note that detailed or complex issues may be referred to the mailing lists.

The chat system uses the Internet Relay Chat (IRC) protocol; to join the chat, you will need to use an IRC client. Three popular clients are packaged in the Adélie Linux system: Konversation (the KDE IRC client), Quassel (a popular Qt IRC client), and WeeChat (a terminal-based IRC client).

To join our chat, connect to the Interlinked IRC network at (TLS port 6697), and then join the #Adelie-Support channel.

If you have found a reproducable issue in Horizon (a segmentation fault, crash, or hang/freeze), you may file an issue at the Adélie Linux issue tracker.

The Adélie Linux sub on Reddit is sometimes used for asking for help, but it is highly recommended to use the mailing lists instead.