Chapter 4. Writing Your First Package

Table of Contents

Checking Out a Package Repository

Now that you have a complete development environment configured and know how to use Git, you're ready to start writing your first package recipe. This chapter will introduce the newapkbuild command and the APKBUILD structure common to all packages.

As noted in chapter 1, all packages live in a package repository. Typically, package repositories are stored in Git. You can make your own package repository, but for now, we will use a private fork of the Adélie Linux official package repositories.

Sign in to the Adélie Linux Git system. If you have not yet created an account, you will need to sign up for one. The sign up form can be accessed from the sign in page.

Navigate to the Adélie Linux package repository in the Git system. Choose the Fork button in the middle of the screen; if prompted, select your name as the repository destination.

The system will redirect you to your new fork. Use the "SSH" URL to clone the repository on your local computer by running the following command:

$ git clone

where yourname is your Git username.