Adélie Linux 1.0 Developer's Handbook

A. Wilcox

Table of Contents

Helping Hands
1. Preparing Your System
Installing Development Software
Using apk to Install Software
Installing the Adélie Linux Development System
Components of the Adélie Linux Development System
Packaging Primer
Packages and Repositories
Using the abuild Command
abuild Subcommands
Configuring Your System
Configuring abuild for Your Environment
2. Non-Package Development
Developing Adélie Documentation
Authorship of Documentation
Configuring Your Environment
Spread the Word
3. Git Basics
Getting Started with Git
What is Git?
Configuring Git
Learning More about Git
Using Git with Adélie
Using Branches
4. Writing Your First Package
Checking Out a Package Repository
5. Deep Dive in to APKBUILD
6. Ensuring Security
7. Odds and Ends
8. If You Need Help