Chapter 11. Quick References

Table of Contents

Package management
Service management

In this chapter, we will lay out common tasks and how to perform them using Adélie Linux.

Table 11.1. Package management command quick-reference

Task Command
Install a package apk add PACKAGE
Uninstall a package apk del PACKAGE
Search for a package apk search name
Reinstall a package apk fix PACKAGE
Audit system files for changes apk audit

Table 11.2. Service management command quick-reference

Task Command
Enable a service (start on boot) rc-update add SERVICE default
Disable a service (do not start on boot) rc-update del SERVICE
Start a service service SERVICE start
Restart a service service SERVICE restart
Stop a service service SERVICE stop
Show all enabled services rc-status
Show all available services ls /etc/init.d

Table 11.3. Networking command quick-reference

Task Command
List all interfaces ip link
Enable an interface at startup

ln -s /etc/init.d/net.lo /etc/init.d/net.IFACE

rc-update add net.IFACE default
Disable an interface at startup rc-update del net.IFACE

rm /etc/init.d/net.IFACE