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Intellectual property notice

This Hardware Compatibility Handbook is the official list of hardware that was tested to ensure an enjoyable user experience while running the Adélie Linux 1.0 system.

Many community members contributed the hardware that they use and test on to the final version of this Handbook. This includes many people on the Adélie IRC channel, and the Adélie mailing lists.

Please feel free to contact me or the Adélie Linux community if you have any suggestions on how to make this handbook better, including hardware that is working for you, or hardware listed here that is not functioning correctly. We'd love to hear from you, and we hope you enjoy using our distribution.

– A. Wilcox, 2019

Intellectual property notice

The trade names, company names, product names, and other names used to describe hardware in this list remain the sole intellectual property of their rightful owners. The usage of these names on this list are for public information of compatibility with the Adélie Linux distribution only. Display on this list does not represent endorsement of Adélie Linux or its maintainers.